growor solutions
growor solutions
to help growers, we hacked biochemistry of the plants and engineered custom-built solutions.
in yield increase
in health improvement
results consistency
in energy savings
in quality enhancement


An extensive research in biophysical and biochemical processes of plants such as light dependence and electron recombination as well as behavior of photon absorption centers and pair bonding.


The system hardware is optimized to regulate the energy flux specific to the stage of the plant’s development.

system methodology

Meticulously crafted spectrum light protocols for a variety of species and cultivars guide the plant’s development from veg phase to full maturation.


key parameters

4 LED modules x 60 diodes
Wattage — 550 W
PPF per fixture — 1125 umol/s
Targeted coverage area — 4’ x 4’ - 5'x5'
Height from the canopy — 10’’- 36’’
Curves of light distribution — 90°
Full spectrum — 380-780nm
Efficiency — 2,3 umol/j
Passive Cooling
Water resistance / durability — ip 65
Overall dimensions — 27,7’’x 30,3’’ x 5,4’’
Weight — 39,7 lbs

flowering module

regulates biochemical reactions by focusing on pigments, which facilitates formation of fruit characteristics and regulates ripening or blooming

vegetative module

generates a optimum intensity spectrum that is conducive to healthy plant development in the ultimate time frame

let there be light

gr500® is a professional photosynthetic lighting solution for indoor cultivation. The proprietary technology precisely regulates the wavelength and the radiation intensity conducive to the optimal plant’s development. 256 channels wavelength incremental range offers a perfect balance for optimal photosynthesis at every stage of plant’s maturation.

a complete system
from veg to flowering

deep canopy penetration

optimum light height

growor lights are designed to be positioned at 10’’(25.4 cm) above the canopy, insuring stability and uniformity of the light while preventing damaging the plants

easy installation and compatibility

The system is designed for the standard size of the garden bed module

light distribution simulation

In-house light distribution layout offers optimal fixture positions, defined by the state-of-the-art design software

grRC10® remote control

Control system with sensor setting support for the automated mode or for manual operations. Records environmental conditions for the entire growing cycle

gr4 ®sensor array

4 climate control sensors Temperature (°C/°F),
CO2 Concentration (ppm),
Humidity Sensor (H%)
Pressure (Pa)
24/7 360° Environmental
monitoring. Early warning
detection system

targeted spectrum for each growth stage

balanced photon flux

dynamic feedback loop

full system integration


default mode

Offers several pre-set universal protocols for Veg and Flowering stages that guarantee the results.

the uniformity of light distribution of the photosynthetic spectrum insures a consistency in plant’s development and quality of the results

smart mode

Offers customization of the software algorithm for creating design-built protocols. It’s a powerful tool for more advanced cultivators

spectrum range

Strategic modulation of the spectrum intensity and range effectively reduces the duration of the veg cycles, while it optimizes the photon flux for flowering.


AI software and a mobile app enables growers to take full advantage of the technology by managing the cultivation process remotely

Our lighting design and the management platform take into consideration a multitude of factors: plant species, cultivars phenotype, cultivation method, climate control design, cultivation space layout, etc. All parameters are calculated in advance and integrated in the management software, which is governed by a self-evolving algorithm. A network of sensors provides real-time information to the feedback loop and it triggers an immediate response from the system to any developmental or environmental anomalies.

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